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Here are some comments we have received from practicing professionals who are using our services:

Hello David,

I like the system as it makes me read this journal – otherwise it would just get filed away unread.

As I catch the train a lot, I also like the idea of printing the questions out and taking them with me. I can then go online to submit my answers at a later time.




Hi David

I think the Online system is excellent and I often get a lot out of reading the journal (and possible otherwise wouldn't).

John (Darwin)


Thanks a lot David,

It is an easy way to get points, as can usually do the questions while my daughter is at ballet or piano lessons!!  much easier than going to a conference!!

kind regards

Amanda (New Zealand)


Works well for me as I am able to do the questions in my own time . I have 3 young children so find it difficult to get to Continuing Education after work.   It also makes me read the journal more carefully & retain more information whereas before I would just scan through it. 

Ian (NSW)


Maybe a ‘print as pdf’ version of the questions

I print them off, curl up on the lounge and find the answers, then come back to the computer to enter them

Malinda (Dapto)