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 SSSSDescription of Services

Educational Programs and Services has our own proprietal Learning Management System.  The Edupro System is designed specifically to meet the needs of small to medium businesses and organisations that provide education, training and continuing professional development to their members and clients.


Our key point of difference from other LMS providers is that we are a Software as a Service (SAS) provider.  We own and maintain the software, upload the content and assessment information that our clients’ give to us and we report back to you the performance of your students.


The EPS system is all about providing the flexibility that you want so you only pay for what you need.  There are three levels of service to select from.  The level you choose will depend on the level of your staff IT skills, the size of your budget, the complexity of your training and the IT skills of your clients.


Edupro Assess– a basic online assessment system

We work with clients to provide assessment services based on education and training that is delivered in hard copy or face-to-face delivery.  For example assessment based on content contained in:-

  • journals or newsletters that you currently publish
  • lectures delivered at conferences or seminars


A good first step on the road to introduce your clients to e-learning


Edupro Deliver – deliver content and assessment

Both content and assessment are delivered online to give a seamless feel for your education and training.  You provide the content and assessment materials, we upload it and make it available to your learners.  No need for you to learn to operate and maintain a Learning Management System.


Suitable as you and your clients progress to a more sophisticated e-learning experience, but you don’t want the hassles associated with maintaining the IT infrastructure and databases associated with owning your own LMS


Edupro Complete – Your own complete Learning Management System

You purchase a licence to use our learning management system.  We provide training and support to your people to operate, maintain and support the system.


Feeling comfortable with e-learning and wanting to take full responsibility for your e-learning delivery?  Now you can move on to Edupro Complete


Benefits to you:

  • Grow into your e-learning bit by bit
  • No large up front purchase costs
  • No continuing licence fees
  • No need to train staff to operate the system
  • No maintenance costs



Edupro History

Educational Programs and Services was established in 1992 to take advantage of the emergence of the internet as an educational tool.


Major clients in that time include:


  • Optometrists Association Australia
  • Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Australian Institute of Radiography
  • Certified Practicing Accountants
  • The Australian Stock Exchange
  • The New Zealand Stock Exchange


Edupro mission

Our mission is to work with client organisations to facilitate the provision and assessment of continuing professional education and training to their members and clients.